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for women, men, neither and both®

plant-based, toxic-free ingredients with hemp-derived cbd. we don’t market to race, gender, or sexual orientation; we market to the largest organ of the human body: your skin.

if mother earth didn’t make it herself, we don’t want you putting it on your skin. our plant-based ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced.

a beauty revolution for clean products + socially responsible companies has begun, and we're here for it! from our packaging to the ingredients inside, we always put your skin and our planet first.

have a question? just ask!

the benefits speak for themselves. what’s the catch? after years of research and use, we’re still waiting to find one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

among our ingredients is cannabidiol (CBD) - a product of the hemp plant with a lengthy list of health and beauty benefits. We hope to be a voice in the fight to destigmatize cannabis use and in the effort to clear miseducation around this plant we love so much.

about our founder

our founder - tess melody taylor - is a collector of degrees, an active voice in the cannabis community, and a military brat of two veteran parents who have observed and experienced the power of the plant first hand. in 2018, tess established her namesake brand in dallas, texas with the intention of filling a gap in the beauty market for a clean and inclusive CBD skincare line. with this line and those yet to come, tess is on a mission to share the benefits of cannabis and advocate for its legalization nationwide.